Terms and Conditions


We/Our: Activeace Tennis Academy Ltd / Activeace Activity Camps Ltd.

You/Your: The person making the booking.

Us: The two parties named above.

Booking: The reservation of a place/places made by you.

Contract: An exchange of promises between us and you which becomes legally binding.
Conditions: The terms and conditions as set out below; plus any additional terms and conditions agreed by us which will be documented in writing.

Child/Children: The person/persons for whom you are booking a place.

Confirmation: A visual document (Written or email) of your booking.

Cancellation Charges: The specified fee in the case of cancellation.

Cost/Costs: The specified fee for the activity/item, this will be clearly detailed to you before completing the booking.

 1. Data Protection

 2. Conditions Applicable

 3. Bookings

 4. Changes and Cancellations

 5. Price and Payment

 6. The camps and our policies and procedures


1.1 Data collected by us shall be kept private and will not be passed on to any third parties.
1.2 We shall use the data to inform you of any activities that we believe may be of interest to you.
1.3 Should you not wish to be contacted by us; please respond in writing and we shall remove you from our database.
1.4 Prior consent will be sought for the taking of photographs.  


2.1 Any other conditions (agreed in writing by us) shall apply to the contract to the exclusion of all other terms & conditions.

2.2 Any typographical, clerical or other error or omission in any sales literature quotation price list, acceptance of offer invoice or other documentation issued by us shall be subject to correction without any liability on our part unless such correction materially affects your rights and obligations to your detriment in which case you shall be entitled to cancel the contract without liability within 14 days of receipt of the notice of such correction. In the event of cancellation in such circumstances you shall be entitled to a refund of any sums paid (except in respect of any services already provided).

2.3 The details published in various brochures and leaflets are compiled from up-to-date information which is accurate at the time of going to press.

2.4 Nothing in these conditions is intended to nor shall affect your statutory rights.


3.1 No booking shall be binding on us until returned to us by you within any period prescribed by us, and until such time as we have received payment in full in cleared funds of any deposit or other payments due.

3.2 Provisional bookings will be held at our discretion and we shall not be liable in the event that we are unable or unwilling to provide a booking confirmation which incorporates your preferred dates.

3.3 You shall not be entitled to make any alteration to any documentation issued by us. Any alteration required to any booking confirmation prior to any booking being made should be notified to us as soon as possible and in the event that we are able to satisfy your requirements we shall send to you a revised booking confirmation.


4.1 If you wish to amend your booking we will endeavour to make such changes as you may request, but this may not always be possible. Any request for changes to the booking may be made either in writing or by telephoning the camp booking line on 0115 9 33 83 63. If we agree to your request we will confirm the changes by email.

4.2 We reserve the right to make changes to the booking which are required to conform with any applicable safety or other statutory requirements or which are not of a material nature.

4.3 Activities are subject to alteration due to weather or operational factors beyond our control and we reserve the right to substitute an alternative venue or other facilities or services of reasonably equal or better standard without prior notice or liability and without any alteration to the booking fee.

4.4 Material changes may be necessary for reasons such as prevailing weather conditions, operational considerations and matters beyond our control (including force majeure events). Accordingly we reserve the right to make changes, which are of a material nature, and in such circumstances we will inform you as soon as reasonably possible.

In such event you shall have the following options:

(a) To accept the change (subject to paying any additional charges or receiving a refund in respect of any price difference) and the contract being varied accordingly.
  (b) To book a substituted camp comprised in the booking and we shall provide a credit for the price (or part of the price attributable to the affected activity) paid by you.


 (c) To cancel the booking or such part of the affected booking and we shall refund in full all sums paid in respect of the booking or affected part of the booking (excluding interest).

 4.5 Without prejudice to any other right or remedy available to us we shall be entitled to cancel the contract without any liability in the event that the fee is not paid by the payment dates or if you fail to provide any information requested by us or we consider that the camp is unsuitable for your child for any reason. In the event of cancellation under this clause the cancellation charges shall be calculated from the date at which we give notice of cancellation.

 4.6 Cancellation charges shall be applied according to the following circumstances:

 (a) Cancellations more than 30 days in advance shall incur no cost; providing documented evidence is given (Letter or email) if required. Your balance will be refunded in full.

 (b) Cancellations made between 29 and 8 days (inclusive) shall incur a fee of 50% of the overall cost - With the balance to be refunded.

 (c) No refund can be offered if notice of 7 days or less is given before the start of camp.


 5.1 Subject to any special terms agreed in writing you shall make payment for any deposit and the fee by the payment dates. We will not send payment reminders.


 6.1 Preparing for an Activeace camp

 We are unable to accept bookings for camps without a completed registration form for your child. The purpose of this form is to ensure we have access to necessary information pertaining to the safety of your child, such as any pre-existing medical conditions and your contact information.

 6.2 Before the camp

 (a) What to bring

 Sports wear and trainers.

  (b) Medication

 If your child requires medication then you must state this clearly on the registration form. You must also detail the times and quantities which are to be administered. A parent or carer must sign the form and tick the box giving your permission for us to administer first aid if necessary.


6.3 During the camp

(a) Start and end of the day

 (b) The Weather

 It is essential when the weather is warm that your child has sun cream and a sun hat with them to protect them from the heat.

 6.4 Behaviour

 It is our policy that everyone deserves to be treated with respect. Children must respect each other and all adults at the Activeace camps. Any behavioural problems will be dealt with by a Camp Leader in the first instance.


If required, a Camp Manager will then attempt to resolve the situation. If unacceptable behaviour continues then a parent/carer will be contacted. They will then need to speak to the Camp Manager regarding the incident.


6.5 Bullying


Bullying of any child will not be tolerated. A child should inform a Camp Leader or Camp Manager if they have any concerns regarding bullying. The Manager will talk to the child to ascertain what has happened and take appropriate action, this may involve talking to the other child/children involved.


If there continues to be concerns regarding bullying, we will speak to the parents of both children to inform them of the situation and any further action that is required.


6.6 Security

Upon leaving your child/children at our camps you will be presented with a code. This will be recorded on the register and you must present this code upon collection of your child/children. The purpose of this is to ensure that your child/children can be associated with you to ensure they are returned safely to your care.

6.7 Accident reporting

An accident report form will be completed by the Camp Manager for any accidents which occur during the camp. The parent/carer will be informed of any accident that has occurred throughout the day.


If a serous incident or accident occurs throughout the day then a parent or carer will be contacted immediately on the emergency number provided and informed of the situation.


6.8 Safety

 6.9 When will we contact parents and carers?

 We will always endeavour to resolve any issues or incidents which occur at camps. However there may be occasions when we need to contact you to raise an issue. These occasions may include:



6.10 Uncollected child

If for any reason a child has not been collected at the end of a day we will;


Please note that you must collect your child promptly at the end of camp. If, in extenuating circumstances, you believe you may be late to collect your child, you must contact the Camp leaders to advise them of this.