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Manhattan Project - Nene Valley Brewery

Manhattan Project, (Mandarina,Citra and Eureka hops)from Nene Valley Brewery in a surprisingly busy Strat tonight.

The beer is very good but there are minuses to having more people in. The main one being the return to false loud braying laughter that rebounds so readily of the Strats's reflecting ceiling and walls. I think I'd be happier if they lined both with egg boxes.

"Your a grouch." said Max.

I know, I know but it's deafening, it actually makes my ears hurt, and it's so pointless. God knows Castle Rock really ought to have the sense to employ some sound deadening, it was alway going to be a problem using a pet shop as pub, but why do these people do it? Is it just attention seeking? "Look at us, we're having a good time."

"Lot of that on the interweb." said Max.

"But at least it's quiet Max"

"Unless you play the videos" said Max. "Which you do, at a steadily increasing volume."

"That could Max, be a direct consequence of the damage to my eardrums inflicted by coming here."

"Except there has been almost no one in here for the last year", said Max. "Some times it's just been us and the barman and often enough not even us."

"On which occasions Max, you must concede that you really have no idea whether the place is busy or not. It could in fact have been heaving."

"Not when it was closed." said Max.

"Well yes that would make business a tad unlikely but still we can't be sure."

"Jesus H." said Max, more to himself than to me...

"If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one there to hear it Max..."

"Please" said Max "spare me the recitation of your spartan speciest knowledge of philosophy."

"Speciest Max?"

"Human beings dear boy are not the only ones with auditory capability. This is especially so in the forest, where, I venture to suggest, there will be thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of creatures to hear the bloody tree fall and very few if any of them, humans at all. Furthermore if none of said creatures heard said tree fall then, call me precipitate, call me a contraversialist but I suggest that the bloody tree is still upstanding, it's falling is entirely a figment your philosophical imagination."

.... The silence for a moment or two was awkward indeed.

"Now put that in your pipe and post it." said Max displaying a degree of disgruntlement that I felt should really be my due.

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