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"You forgot to mention the beer" said Max.

"Damn. Your right Max, I think I was getting carried away there for a moment."

"A moment?",said Max, "You've been grumbling about the book for a month now to anyone who would listen."

"Well be fair Max, that doesn't amount to much grumbling at all. There have been very few who would listen and in point of fact, all of those only listened metaphorically in that they read a post or two on FB."

"Unfortunately" said Max "one of us, being trapped in your head, has had little choice but to listen to every syllable of your complaints, fully formulated or not."

"Max I.."

"Repetitious or not."

"Max it's your fault."

"My fault?" said Max. "It wasn't me that wrote the thing, nor was it I that voted for it to be awarded the accolade of "Mann Booker prize winner. My only contribution was to pee on the trees."

"I mean Max, that it is your fault that I have forgotten again to mention the beer. Your distracting me,"

"I'm distracting you by taking the trouble to remind you of your omission? Why there's gratitude."

"Peace Max. Peace. Please, munch on these chicken, beef and liver rolls while I try to compose my thoughts on the rather splendid Silver King from Osset Brewery."

"Compose your thoughts indeed. Surely all you need to do is decide whether it is or is not, superior to the White Rat from the same stable."

"Aye but there's the rub."

"The rub?"

"The knotty problem, the crux of the issue."

"You can't decide can you?" said Max.

"It's tricky Max. Silver King is in theory limited by only using Cascade hops, whereas ‘White Rat’ has a combination of ...."

"You sound like a Booker prize judge." said Max. "I would have thought a single sniff of both would perfectly resolve the issue."

"It's more than aroma that's at stake here Max. The palette is a complex organ."

"I'm not sure " said Max, "that the palette is an organ at all, but surely when you have them side by side, sip one and then the other. Then decide."

"But that's the problem Max. I've never had them side by side."

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