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Beer in the Stratford Haven

"You seem very cheery" said Max. Well t'young lad behind the bar was very convivial Max. Tad unusual in the Strat."

What were you on we" said Max, trying to stress, rather unecessessarily I thought, his Nottingham credentials.

"We were discussing Max, cloudy and non cloudy beers and for once I was not greeted with prickly defensive responses."

"So he shared your view as to the inappropriateness of serving stuff that looks like Maggie's dishwater in a public place?" said Max.

"No not at all. In fact, he's a fan of the muck, seeks it out."

"And yet you bonded?" said Max.

"We did indeed Max. I flatter myself that it was a lively, informed conversation between two intelligent coves who shared a love of cask ale. The crux was the merit or otherwise of Neene Valley's "Big Bang Theory' a rather tasty beer that I suspected of an untoward haze."

"You enjoyed it?", said Max.

"I did Max, but declined a second offering because of said haze."

"The compromise would not have been worthwhile?" said Max.

"No Max, principals should never be compromised."

"Never?" said Max with the raising of what might have been thought a 'sardonic' eyebrow".

"Never. Max". I asserted emphatically. "Well almost never."

"So what are you drinking now?" said Max.

"Free beer Max. Free beer."

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