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Postcode Envy from Pentrich Brewery. Very impressive as a taster but the interest wanes as the volume consumed increases. It probably follows some kind of principle, theorem or law. One that you can solve with a quadratic equation or somat.

I say “you” advisedly. Me, I couldn't recognise a quadratic when it came up and bit me, which Max swears that it did a week last Wednesday.

The beer might retain my interest longer if t’were properly fined. It is, like others we've looked at here, “naturally hazy” and resembles nothing so much as Maggie Hughes’ washing up water. Of course we only have Maggie's word for that. You'd think, given that fining is something they haven't done, that the beer might be cheaper than is usual but it ain't.

”Money for nothing” said Max dryly.

“Isn’t that a gramaphone recording by Dire Straights Max?”

“Good grief” said Max sounding more exasperated than he had any right to be. “Look, I’ve done bugger all today, so why don’t you go to the bar and find me a biscuit?”

Aug 17, 2019, 11:22 PM

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