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Beer and Biscuits

Crackendale from Thornbridge. 5.2%, too strong for me or indeed anyone of a moderate disposition.

“And what”, said Max, “are those?”

“Dog treats Max and there really is no need for those apocryphal tones.”

“But you said” said Max, “that they didn't do them any more.”

“I think I said that there ‘appeared’ to be a change of policy but it now appears that they were just a little tardy in replenishing stocks”

“You think?” said Max.

“Well what other explanation could there be Max?”

“You didn't start a campaign?”


“or lodge a complaint?”

“Well no Max, I didn't think that...”

“You didn't think it was worth making a fuss?”

“Well no, I ..”

“And why should you?” said Max, “You don't eat dog treats?”

“Well no but that's not the reason I ..”

“Perhaps” cut in Max “there are other dog owners, no, no, perhaps there are dog ‘lovers’ indeed, that did choose to raise the question, at the bar at least, if not with the brewery.”

“Now that not fair Max, we have been to other pubs that do...”

“Never mind” said Max,“ I am a dog and therefore you are forgiven.”

“Max I just want to say..”

“Do pass me a treat” interjected Max, “one of the brown ones.”

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