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A dry hopped anniversary edition of Harvest Pale from Castle Rock. "Another of your favourite local brews?" Said Max. "Hmm." "Does it have that unmistakable flavour of Nottingham tap water?" Said Max, more than a little sardonically. "Hmmm. More that there is an absence of a distinctive 'saveur de l'eau'. .. "You know despite the protestations of the barman I couldn't really swear that this is much different from the standard Harvest Pale, save it started very slightly cloudy, though holding it up to the light now it appears to have dropped clear. I think they must have shown the dry hops to the barrel and scared it a little rather than have chucked a handful in there" "Yet you've ordered another!" said Max. I could tell it wasn't really a question. "That'll be down to the absence of a question mark? said Max rather confusingly. "The thing is Max, I was really seeking some confirmation of my first assessment so I needed to repeat the experiment." "And what have you been able to ascertain? " Said Max, "through the application of such rigour?" "Well it does start off very slightly cloudy Max. " "Is that it?" said Max. "And I do appreciate them fetching it up, glass by glass,from the cellar. And did you notice it's a full glass each time?" "I think" said Max, "that is what we call form over substance."

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