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I don't suppose many read Glyn these days and I suspect that or those that do there are few who become fans. Certainly several of my U3A book group felt themselves to be much repulsed by the rich chauvinist war hero frustrated by his inability to get back in the fight. For myself I find these me responses rather over simplistic. Whilst hanging the story on a simple and common plot of employer falling in love with employee and ultimate reciprocation I found that there was a considerable amount of reflection on human nature, the differences and similarities of men and women and the impact of war on social behaviour even when some way from the front line.

Interestingly Elinor Glyn's work is the subject of quite a few feminist transgressive film studies.

A film was made of Man and Maid in 1924 which I would be intriqued to see, but despite it's considerable popularity at the time apparently no copies now exist. Pity.

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