Karaoke Kids

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        Knights & Babes
Wham, Bam, Biff!
They’ve read all the comics
Seen the big guys on the screen
in roller coaster dreams of action
Claude Van Damme they might have been
Claiming freedom of the city
with marching mates who boldly share
Boisterous banter, beery breath
Silver mist in cold night air
Flashing lights and disco sounds
‘Gonna pull tonight,’ they reckon
Lookout girls here come the boys

Bursting forth with firework dazzle
Flirtatious, frothyful of fun
Models stumbling from the magazines
In skimpy skirts and skimpy tops
Tottering teenage princesses
Twenty something disco queens
Alluring, daring, wearing
Mad mascara magic red lip gloss
Into the Market Square they tumble
Ablaze, electric candy floss
A sparkling flourish in the night
Vivid, vibrant, volatile
Shining like a string of pearls
Giaconda smiles beguile
Look boys here come the girls

Young Thomas needs feeding
And he still wakes in the night
Mary’s given up her job
Martin’s working doing all right
Two years on Tom’s got twin sisters
Lisa May and Rose Miranda
Martin runs a motor car
A little ‘G’ reg. Fiat Panda
Another year they’ll separate
She tidies up the kiddies toys
Meets them at the old school gate
Look out all here comes another generation
of girls and boys. ​

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