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Sept 2017
I have been wrestling with the problems of publishing for various ereaders and for print. I have now mastered the basics of the remarkable "Scribus" and have worked up a half decent cover for Guttersnipe. I have relearned some of the venerable Groff and the ms macros to produce the text as the more modern tools do not handle long multipage documents well and I can't be fagged to learn Latex. Putting it together with "pdfunite" from the wonderfully named Glyph and Cog and I have produced the first chapter which I flatter myself is pretty good for a first attempt.

I do need proof readers, I don't want to publish and then find all the ommissions and typos so if you want this exercise completed, print, read, annotate and return to me as soon as possible.

A poem of ageing and loneliness from 2002 "Spring Bank Holiday" has been added.

To download just go to "Downloads" on the main menu and the one item "Guttersnipe" should be available. Click on't and your pc, tablet, phone or whatever should open the file with whatever pdf reader you have available. If it don't work GET IN TOUCH, don't just shrug it off as one of those things 'cause that way t'will never get fixed.

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