3. The prospect of moving.

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Prospect of moving.

"There'll be buses." Mam was sobbing now. "They've got baths and a garden."

Harry held my hand and we were both crying. We knew what they were talking about for the new houses had been a topic of conversation for months in between silences and the slamming of doors.

Memories are a kaleidoscope each time one looks at the past a different picture is formed. Snapshots tell me there were several family days at the seaside. The first whilst we were still in the terrace and at least one in1935 when we had moved to Bateman Street. I think they were mostly day trips. Snap shots show Mam's youngest sister and her young man with us on one of these.

There aren't any photos of Mam's wedding. She said she didn't want any taking because she thought she looked beautiful and she didn't want anyone in later years laughing at it. I thought this was strange because as a young woman my mother was beautiful. Her face was a perfect oval, her hair fell in long dark ringlets. Her sister Violet was lovely too but marriage and babies altered them beyond recognition.

I wonder if this was really the reason for there aren't any wedding photos of Violet. There is however a family wedding photo of Aunt Rose who married in 1913 during the First World War.

Rose's Wedding

Grandad and Momma

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